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2021 Harvest Festival

Congratulations to all Raffle Winners at the Dożynki Harvest Festival 2021 in Yorba Linda!
The Grand Prize Winners were:
$5,000 Ms. Heather Ferbur
$3,000 The Hymns Family
$1,000 The Furnise Family
Please pick up your prize at the church office during the office hours. All prizes need to be picked up within 30 days!

2021 Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA)

Please make your donation using the link below and choose “Pope John Paul II Polish Center” from the list in the second step of the process in order to properly allocate the donation to our Center.

Masses from Polish Center on-line

On-line offering for the Polish Center is possible on page Donations (here).
To view Sunday Mass or other recorded masses from the Polish Center CLICK HERE.
Message from our Director:
During the summer time we normally welcome our missionaries from different orders and congregations who share their mission experiences and ask us to support their work and dedication in many different realities and countries. This year because of the pandemic situation all visits have been cancelled but we can still support our Catholic Missions through our website using below link from our Diocese:
Thank you like always for all your generosity.

Deacon Jim Merle’s Blog

Deacon Jim Merle invites all to join a weekly journey on the road of Emmaus to reveal how to have an intimate relationship with God in our minds, hearts and soul.  To do this please access the blog at: by subscribing as follows: In the top right hand corner under “Follow by Email”, enter your email address to subscribe. You will receive a weekly email by Friday morning, with a link to read the newest post.